by Burning Bright

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cam217 I'm not so much into hardcore, yes I admit it. But this album does sounds amazing. The artwork is also very beautiful. I didn't hesitate much when I saw that beautiful white wax, grab this while you still can!
This band needs to be heard much more, they totally deserves it! Favorite track: Vitriol.
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Outrageous emotional crust Hardcore from Caen (France) featuring members of Aussitôt Mort and Amanda Woodward. After a well received split with Death Mercedes that drove the band to tour Europe, Burning Bright are becoming more experimental, focusing on emotions. With these ten tracks merging the line between crust/d-beat and screamo, Domesdays shows that they are growing right before our eyes. This is one of the best debut album we've ever heard and we're proud to announce will be part of the release of this amazing LP !


released January 30, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Guillaume Doussaud @ Swan Sound Studio



all rights reserved


North Cult Records Lorient, France

Independent record label and distro : Hardcore / Crust / Screamo / Metal


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Track Name: Sleepless me
Pills won't ever rid me of all the ones I loved and lost. If there was a cure, I'd pay it at any cost. Still haven't found a blanket in which I could deeply drown. It's been a while I've quit counting down the dawns. When night falls I give my seeds a feed. My garden amid walls need just a little heed. Cause I'm growing the flowers of dire sleeplessness. Insomnia ! To hurt you need no gun, only a lone head to shroud. For I am the sun, and you are the cloud. That goddamn fucking cloud. To hurt you need no gun. I'm doomed to be your bullet. Racing the air on the run. But I have not killed yet. Racing the air on the run. Waiting for a skull to whet. Insomnia ! You've pulled the trigger. I hope I'll just get somewhere lost.
Track Name: Dissolve
I once asked, "do the birds still sing in hell?". But in the land of the dead, everyone knows the song of cranes. "We survive time". Well at least, I survived. Fell down seven times. Got up eight again. With soil under my nails. We'll melt again. I will eat the sun so I can't see my scars again.
So I can't see them again. Our blood will dry some day. But our bones won't break. Through ages we survive time. We'll melt again and the wind will mend us anew.
Track Name: Bonfire
We build cities out of dust and blow to see them fall. Over and over again. Ember towers in the trembling hands of monsters, that hide under the sun. With no shame. We smile as the walls fall down. A simple spark and the world's in flames. A simple spark. Only ashes remain. Icarus! Tell me how it felt. In flames we drown. With our doors alight. The world is burning down. Like suns we're rising high. But we can't see through the smoke. Oh, Icarus. Tell me how it felt.
Track Name: Lights
Her big black eyes were like from another world. The stars, they keep laughing at me. What's left for me down here? But big black eyes. Devouring all light. My eyes are closed. Yet my tears still flow. I'll never see the sun, if your shadow keeps me stunned. When did you stop shining? I fought and stole and hurt and swore and died for only your voice. I lied, I lied, I lied, I lied to my very self. You had nothing of a star. Except the fact the light I see is coming from ancient times. Everyone knew it but me. Everyone, everyone. You just were never here. Just never here.
Track Name: Mayfly
"The prettiest spring is always the next one", she used to say with that goddamn smile. It feels sometimes like it's December everyday. Not for Christmas but for the cold and the heavy rain. We all fall down, like dead autumn leaves. But when will autumn leaves me? Forget me or forgive me, but make your choice wise and quick. I'm made of the wood of the strongest trees. But no roots I have will guard me from the wind. And I know it for sure, winter is at my door. Twenty years, maybe thirty. Is this what you call a life ? So I forget about the cars in the street. So I forget about this world of concrete. So I forget about the screams and for the very first time, I can hear my own heart beating. When the thunder in the air is growling. When the rain on the skin is beating. When the wrecks are landing, are landing. When the waves so high are crushing. When the bodies in the water are rotting. When the corpses are landing, landing. I wake up and feel my heart beating.
Track Name: Vitriol
Decayed inland. Lined with remains. Living in halftones of blood and liquor. But where are the plans of this messed up hell? Rebuild, dismantle. When a man grow tired of growing up, vitriol to fill up its cup. I will erect white ivory towers. Tall skeletons that shine like silver. Piercing the mist and the night and the sea. Piercing the skies and everything we can't see. Then I will climb up the bones of these titans. And swallow the neighboring cloud oceans. To cleanse up the filth filling my cage. To cleanse up the poison filling my head. I found home in bricks and left it in marble. Mine is the serpent's slough.
Track Name: Kalopsia
Those chains make twins out of us. We work together in the rain and fog. Our feathers, they stick together in the dirt and dust. Kneeling down in the mud, our dead are left behind. Tortured and torturers. Mortals and murderers. Tortured and torturers. Thy blood shine the same red.
Track Name: Nightsins
Dreamers all day. Sinners of midnight. Blurred memories of falls and fights. Liters and liters. And broken teeth. We are the sinking youth. Bury your hope. Bury your dreams. Corpses, corpses, corpses walking with the setting sun. Wandering with no goal. Surely the darkness will hide me. And the light becomes night all around me. We fill these bottles with regrets. What the hell am I doing here?
Track Name: Dreamcatchers
Poor girl is addicted to the blade. Hope flows down the river of her arm. She put her whole life on trade. And the seller put her among the scam. They say « that's life, just life honey ». But I reject your fucked up reality. So cold a world. Dim eyes for grey skies. I only have my own hands to warm myself up. I've been told we invented fire. We are runners wearing blinders. And we've lost track of all the laps. Just take a look around yourself. Aren't we all dreaming of flying, after all? Don't let your dreams fly away, you dreamcatcher.